Douleurs du travail. Martensson 2006

Date: 2006
Auteurs: Martensson L, Wallin G
Titre: Use of Acupuncture and Sterile Water Injection for Labor Pain: A Survey in Sweden. Birth 33,4. Déc 2006, 289-295
Mots clés: labor pain, pain relief, acupuncture, sterile water injections, douleurs, travail, eau, injection
Contribution: article
Abstract: Background: Acupuncture and sterile water injections are nonpharmacological pain relief methods used for labor pain in Swedish delivery wards. Their use has changed over time, the reasons for which are unclear, and acupuncture is currently in more common use than sterile water injections. The aim of this study was to elucidate the clinical use of acupuncture and sterile water injections as pain relief and relaxation during childbirth in Sweden. Methods: Twelve hundred questionnaires were sent out to all delivery wards in Sweden. Nine hundred sixty midwivesfulfilled the inclusion criteria, and the response rate was 565(59%). Results: Acupuncture was usedfor both pain relief and relaxation, whereas sterile water injections were used almost exclusivelyforpain relief. The midwives' own choice ofpain relief during childbirthforapossiblefuture delivery was similar to their choice of method in clinical practice. Conclusions: Our study shows that acupuncture was used for both pain relief and relaxation, whereas sterile water injections were used almost exclusively for pain relief. The results also indicate a weakness in midwives' awareness and use of scientific knowledge and general recommendations about these methods. (BIRTH 33:4 December 2006)

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