Nausées vomissements chir gynéco. Allen DL 1994

Date: 1994
Auteurs: Allen DL, Kitching AJ, Nagle C
Titre: P6 acupressure and nausea and vomiting after gynaecological surgery. J Anaes Int Care 1994 Dec; 22(6): 691-693
Mots clés: Per-6, MC-6, Nei Guan, nausea, vomiting, nausées, vomissement, chirurgie, surgery, anaesthésie, anaesthesia, acupressure, acupression
Contribution: article
Abstract: We studied the effect of Per-6 acupressure on 46 women undergoing laparotomy for major gynaecological surgery who received patient-controlled analgesia. Half the patients received acupressure at the Per-6 site, the remainder received acupressuree at a "sham" site. There was a reduction in the requests for anti-emetic therapy in the group receiving Per-6 acupressure but there was no difference in the incidence of nausea and vomiting. There was no difference in total morphine consumption between the two groups

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