Nausées vomissements. Dibble SL 2000

Date: 2000
Auteurs: DIbble SL, Chapman J, Mack KA, Shih AH
Titre: Acupressure for nausea: result of a pilot study. Oncol Nurs Forum 2000 JAn-Feb; 27(1): 41-47
Mots clés: Acupressure, Per-6, MC-6, Nei Guan, acupression, nausea, nausée, chemotherapy, chimiothérapie, cancer, sein, breast, ST-36, E-36, Zu San Li
Contribution: article
Abstract: Purpose/Objectives: To compare differences in nausea experience intensity in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer between receiving usual care plus acupressure training and treatment and those receiving only usual care. Design: Single-cycle, randomized clinical trial. Settings: Outpatient oncology clinic in a major teaching medical center and a private outpatient oncology practice. Sample: Seventeen women participated in the study. The typical participant was 49.5 years old (SD = 6.0), Caucasian (59%), not married/partnerd (76%), on disability (53%), born a U.S citizen (76%), and heterosexual (88%); lived alone (59 %), had at least graduated fom high school (100%); and had an annual personal income of $50,000 or greater (65%),  Methods: The intervention included finger acupressure bilaterally at Per-6 and ST-36, acupressure points located on the forearm and by the knee. Baseline and poststudy questionnaires plus a daily log were used to collect data. Main Research Variables: Nausea experience measured by the Rhodes inventory of nausea, vomiting and retching and nausea intensity. Findings: Signifcant differnces existed between the two groups in regard to nausea experience (p < 0.01) and nausea intensity (p < 0.04) during the firt 10 days of the chemotherapy cycle, with the acupressure group reporting less intensity and experience of nausea. Conclusions: Finger acupressure may decrease among women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Implications for Nursing Practice: This study must be replicated prior to advising patients about the efficacy of acupressure for the treatment of nausea.

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