Recherche et méthodologie. Eyer T 2000

Date: 2000
Auteurs: Eyer T
Titre: Methodological challenges of research into traditional, complementary and alternative medicine. Pan Pacific Medical Acupuncture Conference. October 25-28th 2000, Las Vegas. Nevada, USA
Mots clés: research, recherche, methodology, methodologie
Contribution: congres
Abstract: The increasing use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)practises, which are often derived from traditional systems of health, has intensified the need to evaluate their safety and effectiveness. THese practises tend to generate polarized attitudes of either acceptance or rejection. Opponents reject them because, they claim, good scientific research has not supported their use. Proponents insist that current scientific methodologies are not appropriate for their evaluation. THis paper looks briefly at some of the recent litterature on research methodologies related to CAM and the importance of defining the relevant questions.

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