Version de siège. Kasule J 1985

Date: 1985
Auteurs: Kasule J, Chimbira TH, Brown IM
Titre: Controlled trial of external cephalic version. Br J Obstet Gynaecol 1985 Jan;92(1):14-8
Mots clés: breech, siège, version, external cephalic version, VME, version par manoeuvre externe
Contribution: article
Abstract: A prospective randomized, controlled trial involving 640 singleton breech presentations after 30 weeks gestation was conducted to assess the value of external cephalic version. In 310 patients external cephalic version was attempted; the other 330 patients in whom version was not attempted constituted a control group. There were three perinatal deaths directly attributable to external cephalic version. No significant differences were found between the study and control groups respecting the incidence of vaginal breech delivery, caesarean section rate, perinatal mortality and morbidity. Our results suggest that there is no place for external cephalic version before 36 weeks gestation.


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