Version de siège. Flock F 1998

Date: 1998
Auteurs: Flock F, Stoz F, Paulus W, Scheurle B, Kreienberg R
Titre: External fetal version from breech presentation to cephalic presentation: modifying factors, reliability and risks].[Article in German] Zentralbl Gynakol 1998;120(2):60-65
Mots clés: external cephalic version, VME, version par manoeuvre externe, breech, siège
Contribution: article
Abstract: External cephalic version (ECV) was performed in 524 single pregnancies. The version was successful in 38.4%. Success is mainly influenced by parity, quantity of amniotic fluid and maternal weight. An emergency cesarean section was necessary in 0.6% because of fetal bradycardia. Compared to controls the ECV was not associated with the increase of a premature rupture of membranes, complications with umbilical cord or transfer of the child to the paediatric department. Also there was no difference in the pH or Apgar-ranges. One fetal death was diagnosed 17 days after ECV, the reason therefore remained unclear. There are existing a few other reports with similar cases. We conclude that ECV is a appropriate trial to convert the fetus into cephalic presentation, but because of possible complications precautions must be taken, e.g. that means to carry out the trial under conditions which allow immediate cesarean section and a frequent follow up of the woman until delivery.

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